How To Explain Kundalini Awakening To Others

I deeply sympathize with anyone who ever had to deal with an invisible health battle. Its very lonely feeling like no one will understand, even if you had the words to describe what you’re going through.

Kundalini Awakening is a type of spiritual awakening – but it is a biological process. With it, often comes a number of uncomfortable and unusual physical and psychological symptoms.

It is not merely a realization (which would have its respective challenges to navigate).

Until there is more research into this phenomenon, it is very tricky to explain what you may be going through to others.

Is it a physical disease? No. Is it a mental disease? No. Is it a disease? No.

Its a condition. And there are certainly physical and mental symptoms. Many of them seem quite unusual. But how can you describe it and still be taken seriously?

Your doctor probably isn’t going to give you a diagnosis of “an awakening”…and even if they did, you probably wouldn’t go around telling people, or taking time off of work for it!

As a high-functioning, professional adult, it just doesn’t sound appropriate to blame years of transient, seemingly unrelated, physical symptoms; mystical experiences; and,  mood swings on a spiritual awakening.

In fact, in my opinion (even having gone through it myself), when you say aloud: years of transient, seemingly unrelated, physical symptoms; mystical experiences; and, mood swings -it sounds pretty ridiculous, especially based on my western, secular worldview.

But, Kundalini Awakening is being explored by scientific researchers as the existence of a super-intelligent evolutionary mechanism within the body. That it is the biological basis for phenomena related to religious instinct, mystical, transcendental, genius, and insanity.

It is believed that in its awakened state, it is possible for the brain to achieve new levels of heightened activity.

Kundalini’s biological and empirically verifiable characteristics set it apart from all other forms of supernatural phenomena, justifying it as the primary focus of the Emerging Sciences Foundation.

But there’s a good chance that your family doctor, psychologist, and neurologist are unfamiliar with it.

There’s an even better chance that your family, friends and employer are unfamiliar with it.

So, what is one to do if you are trying to manage living through it?

You still have to look after your kids, you still have to go to work, you still have to pay your bills on time…with a ton of new and unusual physical and mental symptoms- and very new thoughts and perceptions of the world.

I think of it sort of like going through puberty- you are transitioning into a new version of yourself: there are chemical/hormonal changes in your body causing you to behave differently; your emotions may feel overwhelming; your body goes through changes that are difficult to understand; you have new and unusual thoughts.

I also think this process is similar in a lot of ways to what is now known as clinical depression. It can also affect how you feel, think and behave and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems.

The way it is navigated will influence the potentiality of the end result.

In my experience, the results can be amazing…but there a re some growing pains.

I feel that the most effective way to use Kundalini as a gift is to create a strong support network. This can be especially trying if you experience a spontaneous awakening.

There are many people who find working with a Kundalini master, guru, or expert in yogic sciences to be beneficial. There are also a lot of holistic medical practitioners, and knowledgeable psychotherapists who can help support you.

Ideally it would be nice to live in a world that respects that humans are constantly growing and changing throughout their life…and encourages that personal growth.

Sometimes this isn’t the supportive environment of our reality.

The most needed support will be from your loved ones, family doctor, mental health practitioner, your employer and your friends. They don’t need to understand what you are going through, but they need to be there for you.

If you are fortunate enough to find yourself in this environment, please help the rest of us by spreading awareness in positive ways. Share information. Offer support. Help remove stigma.

Please see my article Kundalini- A Potential Catastrophe for ways to cope with the potential dangers Kundalini may present.

You may also find it helpful to connect with people going through similar experiences by joining the conversation in our (private) Facebook Group Awoke Enlightened On A Mission.

As well as following and engaging with our Facebook Page Awoke Enlightened On A Mission.


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