So You’re Thinking About Getting Into Spirituality…

You may be bored.You may be searching for a greater meaning to life. You may be unfulfilled and looking for purpose. You may have had a near death experience and are trying to make sense of it. You may be uncomfortable with gaps in the formal belief system that you had once relied on.

You may be looking for a new hobby.

They are all really good reasons. Spirituality to me is separate from religion. What I love about it is that there is no formal guide. Its completely all up to your own interpretation.

To me, it is a relationship you develop with your soul. It allows your personality to get to know who you really are. It is ongoing, all day, simply in the background to your daily life. Without even realizing its influence, it can guide and even dictate the way the day unfolds.  Kinda like an app that is always open on your phone, but not actively in use.

I feel its important to allow for an evolving interpretation of spirituality, as it will probably need to play multiple roles throughout your life.

The way I interpreted my own spirituality has greatly changed over the years. What I now view to be a cherished space in my mind and heart, used to be more in my mind.

Which was still a good starting point for me. As I learned to identify what I stood for as a human being.



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