Why I Am Writing This Blog

Since I have been navigating the journey of my life in a more awakened state, I feel an overwhelming urge to share my thoughts, ideas and perspective with anyone who will listen.

And even if no one listens today, I still feel compelled to put my story out to the infinite world of the internet just in case one day someone stumbles across it and sees a little piece of themselves in it.

A huge part of me is apprehensive about putting  such personal reflection out to the world. To reveal so much of what goes on in my mind. To intimately expose the lonely thoughts in my head to people that don’t even know me…or worse –much worse, the ones who actually know me.

How vulnerable… But, how refreshing. 

Because for every crazy, strange, or weird story I share, I hope that you will find a tiny piece of your own crazy, strange, weird self in it. And if not, perhaps it can provoke an unusual perspective for your consideration.

And if not…and you just came here to judge…I’m fine with that too.

You do whatever you need to do to serve your own self at the moment.

And I hope, that on your own path to introducing your personality to your soul, you discover that we are actually more similar than we are different.

That our collective consciousness unites.

That the more aware you become of your own life purpose, you sit back not in judgement of others who barrel forward (even amidst their own fears), but in awe.

Perhaps you will even find inspiration in them, and embrace the light they offer on your own path.

Then, take a little step forward…on that path.


2 thoughts on “Why I Am Writing This Blog

  1. I have been following this blog and I found it very interesting, not that I knew the writer but it gives me a big impact in my own perception, vision and expectation in my spiritual aspects. It gives me a big swing about my beliefs and my religion. I am a Roman Catholic and I will die as a religious Roman Catholic no matter what.
    Way back two years ago, I landed this place that we call the land of opportunity, the land where you can soar high with the best of your ability, the land where you could start anew with your family, full of good promise. It is indeed true, this place is the best and perfect for my children. I see future, I see things the farthest better than my own country.
    The only one thing that I am looking for is the CHURCH – Catholic Church! Where are those buildings? I have seen some but I am not sure if it is a Catholic or a Protestant Church? I am raised in a religious family and known to have grown in the Sisters of Mary School. It gave me headache knowing that attending Mass Celebration every Sunday could be so hard for me. It was winter time when i got here. I was so disappointed and I asked God weeping and weeping. I am so sorry, I know I have an obligation but I don’t know if I could still manage to take it as a responsibility.
    January 22, 2016, Friday, as I was sleeping in my huge room with queen size bed, (previous room was as small as a toilet-hk time) i finally slept well not through the night but until dawn. I woke up. I know I am half awake and half asleep. There’s this black man sitting on my bedside, looking at me as if he just wanted to observe me. I asked him, who he is thrice and slowly he vanished. I went away for the weekends and when I am back on weekdays, I could still feel his presence. That gave me goosebumps and started to realized that in this world, we are not alone. I started to recall my childhood experiences about the “paranormal” that I have gone through. Is my Sixth sense getting active? I was confused and all alone fighting with this fright inside the confines of my room until such time my body could not handle for those sleepless nights and just fell asleep in an unnatural manner. I didn’t even remember how I manage to handle it falling asleep back in a natural way. I told my husband everyday that I am scared and started to ask, would that be my punishment for not going to church every Sunday?
    One day, my mother-in-law gave me Holy Water from the church that we attended on Easter Sunday that year. I went home and make a small altar for me to pray and have some meditation, recollection and do Spotify instrumental song of praises. I shed tears, thanking God how far did I go in terms of my financial life in that span of time. I shed tears and thanked God how easy for me to send those money when my son broke his wrist. I shed tears and thanked God how I was able to promise my nephews for their school fees. I came up with the realization that I am so blessed and I don’t have to be ashamed of myself about the Sundays and Holidays of Obligations because I have my own reasons. The most important thing is that how your life is lived fully in accordance to the likeness of our God. It is not the question of how often do you go to church on Sundays, It is the question of how often you practice the Greatest Commandment of God which is LOVE. Fill your life with love, do good to others, be an inspiration to someone, be a good worker. Learn to smile even in the midst of your darkness and problems. Your smile might be the cure of someone’s disappointments and sadness. Be the best that you can be and leave your friends, relatives and family a legacy that will always be cherished and remembered.

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