Be Kind and Pass It On

Have you ever been the lucky recipient of a free coffee because the person ahead of you in the drive through paid it forward?

Have you ever been having a crappy morning and found some one brought donuts to share in the lunchroom at work?

Have you ever been running late and someone let you cut in line at the grocery store?

Have you ever received a random compliment, or even just a smile?

Its pretty amazing how such simple acts that costs barely anything more than effort can change the entire course of your day.

There’s a home in the country that I drive past every single day. Not because its necessarily on my way to work (its actually not even the shortest route), but because one day I noticed something different about it.

And the interesting thing about this is that I had already taken this route numerous times over the course of a year, but this one day I noticed.

They had a sign on a tree near the road that someone painted and nailed up for all to see.

It read, “You Are Beautiful”

And I smiled.

And I realized, this house was giving out free smiles to all of the lucky people who were driving by. What a beautiful thing.

It costs nothing to be a good human. And if you take the next step and pass it on, you can really make a difference in someone’s day. What a nice feeling to give and receive.

You just never know what someone is going through at any given time. The world can feel overloaded with negativity, sadness, hopelessness and downright ugliness at time. Even the news often stinks.

When you look hard for the good…its there.

When you are the good…you show others, they don’t have to look as hard…its there.

I believe its in the little things like being kind and passing it on that make the world a happier place.

Its teaching our children through our examples.

Its also reminding them to look hard for the good. And when they have trouble seeing it, to work harder at being the good.

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