How To Be The Authentic You

In a world so consumed with being told what to buy, how to look, what you need, it can be difficult to remember what you want to get out of it.

If you’re sick and tired of feeling like you keep taking what you are being told you need, and still not feeling satisfied, I would suggest that it is because you may have lost sight of what you’re really needing out of this life.

But its important to remember, if you want to make the most out of it.

You will have to spend some time deciding on what your soul needs first.

It seems easy enough to understand the importance of taking care of the human body- feed it the nutrients to keep it optimally operating; avoiding exposure to extreme elements that can shut it down; and, continually exercising it to increase its strength and resiliency.

It only makes sense that the same care should apply to your soul (your spirit, inner-self, higher-self, whatever…).

By giving your soul its basic necessities so that it can function, you create an environment that craves and asks you for more of that good stuff.

Its pretty amazing how the body and the soul are able to adapt in an effort of self-preservation to an inferior environment- but you can do better than that, once you are aware.

And as you get used to providing it all the stuff that feels good inside, you become familiar with feeling so comfortable in that state.

As soon as you introduce external toxins- it wont feel right anymore. You wont be used to it anymore.

Even if they try to sneak in and you can’t quite detect what they are…you will just know that they disagree with who you truly are.






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