I Can Be a Better Mother Because I Take Care Of ME When I Run

Running has helped me be the mother I want to be.

Rather than my family only getting the leftovers from a long day (my short-tempered, irritable and tired self) – I am refreshed and full.

Running has allowed me to be able to be present and more patient with the people I love the most. Read more about this in my post Running Changed My Life.

I feel strongly that one cannot pour from an empty cup. Self-care is important. Finding yourself is important. Having a self is important.

Finding the things that fill yourself up so you have more to give is important.

In my post, When I Was Lost, I Found Myself in Running,  you will find that I was yearning to discover more our of life.

Of the countless wonderful gifts running has given me, it also helped me be the mother I wanted to be by:

  • being more patient
  • having more energy
  • taking time for self-care
  • finding my self
  • having my own hobby/interests beyond just being a mother
  • giving myself time with my thoughts to discover and re-evaluate who I am
  • giving myself designated time to reflect on my day
  • knowing I have a scheduled appointment with my running shoes and my thoughts gave me alone time to look forward to
  • focusing on small successes as significant wins
  • remembering that one foot in front of the other still moves me forward
  • teaching me that speed doesn’t matter- always quality over quantity
  • remembering that its ok to speed up when I’m feeling great, and also ok to slow down if I’m not feeling so great…as long as I do not stop
  • teaching my kids that strong is beautiful
  • showing my kids that inner strength, tenacity and mindset is what will be the difference between doing and dreaming
  • teaching my kids that resiliency is a muscle to be trained
  • reminding me that there are people watching my every move
  • reminding me that even if I don’t feel like it, I’m a role to be modelledthey will, and I should conduct myself accordingly
  • showing my kids that excuses are a choice
  • proving that the notion of limits, is self-imposed
  • demonstrating commitment, and showing my family that I’m willing to finish the things I started even when I don’t particularly feel like it
  •  teaching my kids that we are in charge of setting our own goals
  • debunking the illusion of urgency
  • proving its ok to be a beginner at something
  • demonstrating my lessons learned to my kids by having a tangible goal (like a race distance) to achieve
  • teaching my kids that we support each others efforts (even if it means waiting outside in the cold for four hours and cheering for them until voices become hoarse- and cheering even harder if they happen to come in last place)
  • showing my kids that improvement was inevitable when I put in the work
  • showing my kids that I will decide how my day is going to unfold by taking charge of it
  • reminding me that not being the best doesn’t matter, as long as I tried my best

2 thoughts on “I Can Be a Better Mother Because I Take Care Of ME When I Run

  1. Love your blog!!! Looking forward to reading!!


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