Intuition… Or Whatever You Call It

Intuition seems to be an acceptable term in my culture.

People have accredited their keen intuition for saving their lives, making savvy business decisions and trusting others.

Intuition can be developed and enhanced through techniques of  practising self-awareness and quieting external noise.

If one gets acutely intuitive, they may find themselves experiencing the world in multi-sensory ways. They may feel extremely attune with their true self…their higher-self.

They may have access to information that many people are simply unaware of. Its very natural, and very powerful. They may feel a deep connectedness to the universe.

As a woman, I can openly discuss my maternal instinct to care for my children; I can get away with attributing my distrust of certain individuals to my gut feeling; I can become a respected hero in the boardroom for basing my decisions on my sharp business acumen.

I can also get away with crediting my dream premonitions for avoiding an unfortunate fate, and perhaps sensing the presence of my deceased grandmother with me during a trying time.

Intuition can become somewhat of a super power.

But, be careful who you tell and how you say it.

Dare not move beyond the realm of  “a gut feeling” or  “just knowing” in justifying how it happened.

People generally seem to be ok with everyone having varying degrees of intuition- but move a little further along into the world of psychic, God, the Universe or a soul- and watch out! A self-proclaimed psychic doesn’t seem to denote much credibility… the same goes for the reliance on the workings of God, the Universe or soul-speak.

You don’t need to appear Bohemian…you may look ordinary- you may appear business executive, or wear a laboratory coat as part of your regular daily attire…

I would even suggest a negative correlation between your perceived professional credibility and depth of intuitive ability begins as soon as you openly express it.

You may risk being perceived as naive, primitive, dubiouscrazyweird, blasphemous…a witch.

I am unfortunately very aware of the stigma around any of the words used to describe what is often basically experienced as a keen intuition,  because, in the past, I did not understand it. I found it much safer to defer to science- even when I did’t know if science could be the answer.

I perceived anyone who claimed to attribute actions beyond their control to be either naive or for sheer entertainment value.

We tend to assign labels and force our lived experiences into accepted paradigms.

But what happens if those ideas get nudged a little outside of our comfort zone?

What happens if our language limits the expression of our experiences?

What happens if the only words available trigger a deep-seated resistance in you?

I went to great lengths to limit my acceptance of varying degrees of intuition. This stems largely from my own ignorance (rooted in fear); as well as its misrepresentation that came from my western (secular) culture, Hollywood, and science.

There is so much we do not know or understand about the way the universe works yet.

And my English language is very limited in describing emotional lived experiences of the universe.

I believe that science should not merely be taken as proven theories, but also include room for accepting the unexplained… as it is only unexplained as of yet.

A fact is only a fact until proven otherwise.

Science is continually offering new explanations for helping us to understand the world as we know it. Essentially, it is defined as the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

There is much room under this definition to adopt a mindset of yet …

Although intuition and its varying degrees (consciousness, soul, energy, psychic, enlightenment, spirit, higher-self, light, God, etc.) is not currently fully understood, it exists.

It has become clear to me that it is an innate super-power that is accessible to all should they choose to connect with it.



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