My Own (Current) Interpretation Of “Afterlife”

I used to be terrified of death. I was afraid of physical suffering and missing out on enjoying my loved ones.

I was skeptical of religious suggestions of what happens upon death. I was suspicious of psychics who claimed to know what happens after the body dies. I was incredibly fearful of the Hollywood interpretation of the dead.

Nothing that I have ever heard of really resonated with me…they just fuelled my fears of the unknown.

I had difficulty accepting the ideas of others, as they were not rooted in fact- only interpretation.

The fact is, no one truly knows what happens after the body dies. We only know that the body decays right back into the earth.

I am actually going to attempt to explain my own interpretation of what happens- based on my own intellectual limitations as well as the limitation of my command of the English language. But here it goes:

Based on my own experiences of having communication with spirits (as I will refer to them, for lack of a better term- but I am equally comfortable calling it souls, energy and consciousness) of both people (and pets) who’s body had physically died and those who are still living – all that I know for sure is that it is simply there. And there is somewhere that is not here, per se.

My own interpretation of how this, there or “other side” works is continually evolving.

Currently, I’m of the belief where time and space exist on multiple planes and our energy/spirit can travel between.

Somewhere in this current paradigm that I’m exploring, is the existence of the physical body simply being a temporary vehicle to collect data, and transfer it to a collective world of consciousness.

I imagine it to be visually depicted as a bunch of living, energetic creatures (this includes humans and all other living beings) rolling along the  earth- bouncing off of each other- simultaneously collecting and sharing data that is interpreted through the lived experience…and it all gets stored on a top shelf that exists above us (or really just outside of the physical body).

It is easily accessible to anyone who is in touch with themselves, conscious, intuitive, prepared, or trained how to access it.

There is no language barrier to the information that is collected, and in this way, the consciousness of all living things may reside in this space- all animals from humans to elephants to ants to eagles to cheetah’s to jelly fish.

My current belief is that, when one is alive and connected with their higher-consciousness, they have access to all of this information of the natural world. It is infinite.

There is no new information, it is all continuously recycled and re-interpreted to make what appears to be new information as exercised through the actions in the physical vehicle of the body.

I believe this is the foundation of where our instincts derive from.

If one is in touch with their multi-sensory, expanded consciousness human experience, they can open up access to all of this information- controlled solely by their own mind.



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