Newsflash: You Are Not That Important

It may seem like a strange concept at first if you are used to reading mainstream media and living in the modern world, but it turns out that no one is really all that important after all. It really doesn’t matter if they have a platform to be heard- it doesn’t make them important, it only makes them louder than a person you haven’t had the privilege to hear.

Any and all lives birthed into this world is a miracle regardless of whether or not you were bombarded with the news of it in the media- be that the birth from a celebrity parent, or the mother who finally hit active labour just after midnight on New Years Eve. All life goes through the exact same process entering the earth.

This is the same for death. Death is the end of the physical life on earth, and if one was loved by others, they will be sadly missed. It doesn’t matter is they only lived for hours or a century- the life was a miracle and it created relationships with people who will remember and miss it upon departure.

The life you did not personally know that was lost was not worth less than the one you knew of. It may matter less to you personally- but it is not worth LESS. It may not have been in your newsfeed, but it probably mattered to someone.

There’s incredible humility that comes with placing the same value on all lives.

We are all really, truly the same.

Doesn’t matter how many letters follow our name, doesn’t matter if we are on TV, doesn’t matter if we have a fancy home. We all yearn to feel loved by our parents, we all feel shame, we all need food to survive, and everyone farts and poops. EVERYONE.

How liberating it is to realize that everyone’s shit stinks. Once you can accept that part, you can accept that everyone has ideas and thoughts- no one should feel like they own an idea, or feel theirs are less important that someone else’s.

It just doesn’t make any sense that of all the humans in existence since the beginning of time, that there actually is any truly¬†original idea.

Just because you haven’t heard about them yet, doesn’t mean they didn’t happen.

If I have a beautiful singing voice (I don’t, but if I did), would it be wasted on only singing lulabyes to my children and performing shower-concerts? Would it be a lost talent if you never got a chance to hear me sing?

My point is, that people with a platform have a great reach- that’s great. But does it make them special or important? I guess…

Special and important like me and you.



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