Running Changed My Life

I never would have imagined that something so relatively simple could have had such a profound impact on my life.

In no particular order of importance, these are some of the ways in which running has changed my life:

  • It taught me patience.
  • It proved to me my body was capable of so much more than I ever thought.
  • It showed me that success was the sum of small efforts repeated often.
  • It promised me improvement was inevitable when I put in the work.
  • It reminded me I am alive.
  • It pushed me into a state of gratitude for my body’s abilities.
  • It introduced me to new friends.
  • It taught me to be accountable to myself.
  • It proved to me that I was responsible for setting my own limits.
  • It taught me that commitment can be liberating from fear.
  • It reminded me that my thoughts are just that, only thoughts.
  • It taught me the beauty of discipline.
  • It taught me self-control.
  • It showed me that I can decide to see it as a punishment or a reward.
  • It promised me satisfaction is doing small parts well.
  • It showed me the whole was greater than the sum of its parts.
  • It reminded me that happiness was a feeling and not a thing to hold in my hands.
  • It showed me how liberating it is to fly like a bird.
  • It proved that I was better to others when I took better care of myself.
  • It helped me focus.
  • It helped me sleep, deep restful sleeps.
  • It helped me have more energy during the day.
  • It proved the resiliency of my body.
  • It proved the resiliency of my mind.
  • It taught me that mental toughness can be learned at any age, and improved.
  • It proved that not being the best didn’t matter as long as I tried my best.
  • It helped me be the mother I wanted to be.
  • It reminded me to be nicer to people, as everyone has things they are working through.
  • It showed me the miracle of the human body as a divine machine.
  • It taught me to pay attention to my body.
  • It taught me to listen to my intuition.
  • It taught me to turn off my thoughts.
  • It taught me to separate my ideas from what I really am.
  • It proved to be that I can be present.
  • It reminded me of why I made certain choices.
  • It introduced me to new songs.
  • It connected me to nature.
  • It introduced me to new thoughts.
  • It introduced me to new cities.
  • It re-introduced me to my own city.
  • It introduced me to a lasting high or state of elation that was completely free and safe.
  • It showed me the forces of nature.
  • It taught me to see the human condition, and question the conditioning.
  • It showed me people with heroic ambition.
  • It taught me unrelenting loyalty.
  • It taught me that too tired was a matter of priorities.
  • It proved to me that a different day is a decision a way.
  • It proved to me that excuses were a choice.
  • It showed me altruism in its finest form.
  • It showed me humanity.

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