The Day I Died

I sat in the pew in the chapel fighting back tears. Funerals are always sad, and the loss was very difficult; but that particular day something changed me.

I watched the three adult children standing over the casket.

This day was a beautiful celebration of a long and happy life who will be solemnly missed.

I found myself thinking about the day I die.

I began reflecting on what my own life story will be, and how that story be narrated at my own funeral one day.

Will my three children stand above my casket and remember me for all the things I hope to impress upon them?

In that moment, I thought of the words and the stories that they will tell of my life. I thought about what they will think really mattered about my life.

It made me reflect on whether my story will inspire them to live a life of purpose and fulfilment- the very way that I hope they will live their own lives.

In that moment it became clear that my kids wont care how big our house was; if we had lots of toys; if I was any good at my job.

The riches of our life is in the memories. The time shared together. The lessons that I teach them.

That moment changed me. That day, the old me died.

I vowed to myself that going forward, I will endeavour to cherish the moments with my loved ones.

I will be more patient, more kind and more forgiving.

I will live more out of intention and less out of habit, as I am fully aware that my children are watching my every move.

I hope to teach my children that they come from a place of true unconditional love and support, and that I would sacrifice everything to give them opportunities to live their fullest potential.

I realized in that moment that I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t show them what living to my own fullest potential would be.

Since that day, I am aware.

I am conscious of my own responsibility in creating a life that I want remembered, with grace and inspiration. I want my life to be a message of hope and promise.

I want the memories shared with my loved ones, to be eternal stories and lessons that help shape the future generations of my family.

I am grateful for the opportunity to seize my life, and fulfil the reminder of it with intention.

*This post was submitted by an author who prefers to remain anonymous

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