Top Spirituality Sites That I Have Found To Be Helpful and Inspiring…And Not Hokey

As I regularly peruse the internet for inspiration, I find that I tend to keep coming back to the sites that offer a wealth of free, quality information. I’m not too in to hokey. I want to see the real stuff- the stuff that is actually useful… as I am on a mission to become the best version of myself.

If you are searching the the web for anything to do with spirituality, consciousness, mindfulness, awakenings, metaphysics, psychics or astrology – there’s literally TONS of information. And some of it is deep. And don’t get me wrong, I love it sometimes– its interesting, entertaining and can be insightful.

I have found that there seems to be an increasing degree of polarity on the subject of spirituality on the internet. To me, it either seems extremely mystical and pertaining to a higher power, or on the leaning so heavily on science that they have to refer to it consciousness or mindfulness.

Its almost like you have to decide if you want to a hippie or wear a lab coat in order to identify with any belief that resonates with you. But what if you’re just trying to function in your seemingly ordinary life, as an aware and enlightened individual.

What I have found is that my understanding of spirituality appears to be more of a continuum, and there is a way to integrate the information into an “ordinary” life. and there is no need to choose a sub-culture.

The information I find myself drawn to on the web, tends to be geared toward living an enlightened life. It’s eye-opening, expands my perspectives, and helps me realize the alternative ways for approaching my life. This is what I find really helpful. The deeper stuff. The stuff that inspires my thoughts to discover who I am.

These are my favourites, I hope you find them helpful:

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