What is Kundalini?

kundalini (ku̇n-də-ˈlē-nē) n. 1. The biological basis of all forms of spiritual experience, religion, genius, and higher consciousness. 2. The evolutionary energy residing in the human body.

The Institute for Consciousness Research (ICR) identifies Kundalini as a “psycho-physiological mechanism in the human body which, when activated, can bring about heightened states of mental functioning such as genius, creativity, inspiration, revelation, mystical experience, and paranormal faculties of mind.”
The ICR  further states, “the goal of the Kundalini mechanism, when it proceeds in a healthy fashion,  is to accelerate the process of evolution in the brain and nervous system of the individual towards the development of a new faculty of perception – what has sometimes been referred to as ‘cosmic consciousness’ or enlightenment.”
There are ancient, global cultural and religious interpretations of this phenomenon. I have heard of people referring to many similar concepts of awakening  such as finding God, the Divine, the Universe, Third Eye, Awakening, Consciousness, Enlightenment, Spirituality,  Realization, Epiphany, etc.  Kundalini is not a new thing, but it is a little different in some ways from what I had previously heard people describe as a spiritual awakening.
The Kundalini process is said to be controlled by a subtle, super-intelligent organizing principle called prana in the Indian tradition. Prana is thought to permeate every cell in all forms of organic life, and to coordinate and control all aspects of growth and organic function.
I suggest the following resources that I have found helpful for more information:

Inner Engineering with Sandhhuru
Awakening Kundalini: The Path to Radical Freedom by Dr. Lawrence Edwards

Kundalini is a complex process, but it generally described as a rise in energy and consciousness. As a natural human potential, it is most often invoked through yoga and meditation practices, or as in my case -spontaneously.

I believe it is much more than just an awakening or realization. It is a spiritual awakening that invites your personality to get to know who your soul actually is. If you embrace it, it can be a beautiful encounter and growth. If you fight it, as I unknowingly did for years, it can be disruptive and unsettling…perhaps even dangerous.

It is a spiritual awakening. A realization. A higher-level of thought than the previous life ever demanded. Its asking the hard questions about the self, the universe and beyond.

Although phenomenon of expanded consciousness has interpretations in many cultures and religions, they all appear to describe a process of the mind being activated to allow a heightened connection to the universe. Once this is realized, your human potential is infinite, and it comes wrapped in a blanket of pure love, light and compassion.

Kundalini offers one an opportunity to sense and experience the world in a different way from less-conscious individuals. There is a heightened multi-sensory perception of the universe.

The opening of dormant parts of the brain can lead to newfound creativity, abilities, and even mystic experiences. The realization of ones limitlessness opens the door to re-ignite a zest for life.

The process of awakening Kundalini at its essence involves finding all of the answers to your life and the Universe from within. An intuitive understanding supersedes the need for intellectual comprehension. IQ scores, fancy job titles, stamps on a passport have nothing to do with the potentiality of Awakening.

Sadhguru: The word “kundalini” generally refers to that dimension of energy that is yet to realize its potential. There is a huge volume of energy within you that is yet to find its potential. It is just there waiting, because what you call a human being is still in the making. You are not yet a human being, you are a “human becoming.” You are not an absolute entity of being human. There is constant scope to make yourself into a better human being.

I have been told by a mentor that as the Kundalini rises and we see the world for its ugliness, we learn through the process that we need not tolerate its present state.
We can be the change that’s needed.

As we progress along the consciousness continuum, we learn to have compassion for those who have not yet been awakened.

With our newfound consciousness and awareness a catalyst for compassion, we can be patient of those whom have not yet arrived, and welcome them to the table when they choose to show up.


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