Who Are You?

Have you ever tried to define who you are without including your job?

Did you like what you came up with?

Is it the same description others would say about you if you died today?

If you think they would say say something different about you- do you think they would be right?

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself if that’s it?

It’s hard to take an honest look at ourselves sometimes and see if we are actually meeting our own standards. And if we are falling short…to adjust.

Adjusting who we are can be a challenge if we find ourselves at an impasse where we don’t like who we (currently) are and we know who we (really) are.

I have found in my experience that it can help by identifying a wish list of who I would ultimately like to be. Taking a look at the traits that I want to strive for. At the same time, taking a look at the traits I would like to avoid because they serve no beneficial purpose to me.

It helps to do this regularly as we are always evolving. Our idea’s, our awareness, our values- constantly subtly changing.

A regular edit of our lives makes way for growth and new opportunities. An edit of our personality traits; and edit of our habits; and edit of our fears can open doors to experiences that we never would have otherwise considered.

Imagine how enriched our lives would be if we embraced all of the things that made our soul feel good…that made us feel whole.

Perhaps we should be nicer to ourselves in encouraging our growth.

Its ok to change.

Its ok to drop old ways that no longer serve you. You don’t need to hold on to old ways just because it has always been that way. You don’t need validation from others to change.

They will adjust to the new you. And, if they have trouble adjusting- be patient with them…change can be hard for people.


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