You Know What’s Annoying As You Become Awake- Everyone Seems To Think You’re Still Stupid

For all intents and purposes, lets just say that becoming awakened and living consciously is not the majority of people in this world yet.

So its kinda funny – like a little joke from the Universe, when you wake up, to realize how outnumbered you are. Like, great, I’m awake now, I can see the world has gone to shit, and I’m lonely as F* with no one to talk to about what to do about it!

No one really tells you that its gonna suck before it gets better. And here’s the kicker, you still have to function in a society that has not changed the way you have.

So you get up in the morning and go to your job. You once thought it was meaningful, as you filled your days “helping” people, but now you see that you on a payroll to push papers across a desk in order to fulfill a corporate mandate, rather than to truly “help”.

You go grab a coffee and snack on your break and notice that the place you buy your favorite coffee at has been selling the same disgusting donuts for the past 20 years and for some reason people are buying them even though they are gross.

You open your phone and click a compelling news headline that showed up in your news feed, only to feel annoyed that the content of the article basically told you no new information, and won you as their latest click bait victim.

Then you open a social feed to learn your so-called friend shared a post titled The Only 3 Things You Need To Do Before You Die Otherwise You Will Die Immediately If You Don’t Share The Article.

You make some dinner and start noticing all the chemicals and shit that’s in the ingredients of your food. You start thinking about the low wages and substandard working conditions of the people who picked the vegetables you just made a salad with. The chicken breast you tossed onto the baking sheet looked like a slab of saline-injected muscle tissue…could be of a chicken, a pigeon, or a cat. Doesn’t matter, it all looks the same now until you slather it with chemical sauce.

Your clothing was probably made by hungry children in a country you can barely pronounce and will likely never visit. Your cosmetics and multi-vitamins were probably tested on a cute little monkey, maybe a dog, or a rat.

You go to the dentist to learn you suddenly have four cavities- coincidentally the same amount of your maximum insurance coverage. You head to your doctors office to find out you need a prescription for that nagging sore throat – luckily the antibiotics you have been prescribed will clear up your condition 3 days faster than your immune system.

Your friends don’t really seem to notice any of this. Your parents certainly don’t. In fact, you will probably insult them all if you suggest that you’ve recently noticed all of these terrible things we are contributing to without even being aware- like you are insulting them at their core.

You see, the problem is that the more you are aware, the less you like about what you see. And its tough to talk to people who just don’t see it.

One October day I was driving home from work. I noticed the most stunning sunset my eyes had ever seen. I was so moved, it brought me to tears. I raised my phone to capture the moment in a photo, so I could share it.

As I removed my sunglasses to better focus my screen, I felt like I received a sudden punch in the gut.

I immediately realized that the sun looked pretty damn lacklustre without those thick lenses on.


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