After a great deal of self-reflection and contemplation, I have decided to share my own story in hopes of lighting a path for others who may be struggling to find their way.

This site was born to empower, engage and ignite a fire in your belly to become the highest version of yourself.

Its about finding yourself and your purpose in life…and being the best version of who you truly are. This, as your contribution to the world, will enable you to define success on your own terms.

There was a point during the early stages of my personal spiritual awakening (Kundalini Awakening) that I did not understand what I was going through. It was a time of turmoil, fear and destruction.

There were times I thought I was being punished by the Universe. For a while, I thought I was destined to live a life as a prisoner in my own body -feeling alienated and alone, as there was nobody who could possibly understand.

But then I realized I had been given a gift.

Once I accepted my gift, I began to experience an overwhelming need from deep within to share my story with others, in hopes of offering a source for inspiration and practical guidance.

It was as if I have been famished my entire life, and had become so accustomed to it that I barely noticed the hunger pangs anymore. But Kundalini invited me into a space full of delicious food. At first I was shaken by what was being presented to me.

It seemed foreign. It was abundant. It was limitless.

As I began to eat the food, I realized how starving I must have been! I realized that I somehow had managed to function in life, but I was clearly not thriving to my fullest potential.

As I became more nourished, I felt more alive…more like my true self.

So I kept eating until I finally began to feel satisfied.

Then I noticed all of the people around me who were also hungry. They were hungry for purpose, love, compassion, and inner peace. I guess I had never noticed them before because I was so hungry myself.

It was only once I felt full that it became clear to me; although these people seem to be functioning- they are very hungry.

I felt I had to share all this food I had found. These people are desperate for nourishment, if they don’t eat they will continue to deteriorate.

And when they have satisfied their own hunger, I urge them to invite others to the table. Welcome them into this space of abundant, limitless food.

All of this food is here to nourish us on a deep, cellular level.

And as a result, we can enjoy an accelerated growth of the body, mind and soul.


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